The Military Antiques Xtravaganza

MAX Site update for 2014 in progress. Please stand by!

Thank you for your interest in the MAX! Over the next few days the MAX site will stripped down, updated, re-tooled and generally whipped into shape, all in anticipation of the 2014 show. Until all the pesky little gremlins are chased out, you may run afoul of some errata! If you have any questions, please contact us!

The Best All-Militaria Show In the World!

The 2014 MAX Show

Friday, October 3rd and Saturday, October 4th - 9AM to 5PM.

Monroeville, PA


General Admission Tickets are $12.00 per person/per day, sold at the door of the venue. Children under 12 are admitted free.

Special 4 Day Passes (Allows entry during dealer hours as well as public hours) are $100 per person, plus $10.00 for a spouse.

Tables Available

Main Hall Wall Table - $175.00 / Main Hall Aisle Table - $150.00

South Hall Wall Table - $150.00 / South Hall Aisle Table - $125.00

High Exposure Island Table - $300.00